Direct Noise Complaint Hotline to the MCAS Miramar Airfield Operations Duty Officers (ODO):

(858) 577-4277

Online Complaints can be filed via this website and will be delivered to the MCAS Miramar ODO for action at the following email address This online Noise Complaint form will utilize your client mail program (i.e. Outlook, Outlook Express), if you do not have a client mail program setup, then please submit the form information to the above email address via your web mail application. This link will take you to the online Noise Complaint Form.


The MCAS Miramar “Airfield Operations Duty Officer” will collect the data required to investigate the complaint, and upon request will respond back to each Noise Complaint via email or phone call as quickly as possible. Be sure to provide your name, address and phone number to the ODO personally or within the online Noise Complaint form, so we can accurately research the complaint. In addition when calling or filing an online Noise Complaint, please remain professional and courteous at all times.

MCAS Miramar recognizes the importance of being good neighbors with the local communities, and will make every effort to balance noise abatement procedures with the need to train USMC pilots. There are times however when pilots must make varying approaches/departures that are not part of the “normal” pattern, but yet are still within MCAS Miramar’s authorized airspace (e.g. Emergencies, Runway 6L/6R operations due to high winds, etc..). Flight operations outside of Miramar’s airspace are controlled by the FAA.

MCAS Miramar normal operating hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday 0730-2400L (Note: “Daylight Savings Time” Mon-Thurs 0830-0100L).

Friday 0730-1800L

Saturday Closed

Sunday 1400-1800L

Note: Airfield hours are subject to change due to OEF operational requirements, USS Carrier Operations, higher “Command” driven exercises, and/or 3D MAW requests outside of normal field hours. Flight operations outside of normal field hours will be advertised via Community Planning Groups and the local media as necessary. The following link is to San Diego Community Planning Groups: