Combat Logistics Company 11 (CLC-11)


Provide 3rd Echelon support and WIR online Process Handler Support (WOLPH) for engineer, motor transport, communications-electronics, heavy equipment, armory and general support equipment for MCAS Miramar. Provide Marines to MCAS Miramar in accordance with the Fleet Assistance Program (FAP). Provide augment medical personnel to Naval Branch Clinic.

Phone numbers:

Company Office:858-577-9734/9735
Maintenance Office: 858-577-9737
DSN: 267, Area Code: 858,

Official Mailing Address:

Combat Logistics Company 11
Combat Logistics Regiment 15
1st Marine Logistics Group
P.O. Box 452023
MCAS Miramar
San Diego, CA 92145-2023

Commonly Used CLC-11 Links/Forms

Equal Opportunity (EO) - Contact Family Readiness Officer (FRO) - Unit Victims Advocate Form (UVA) - Substance Abuse Control Officer (SACO)

Commanding Officer
1st Lieutenant J. D. Rahal

Current assignment: Commanding Officer, CLC-11, CLR-15. Civilian education: Graduated from Hinsdale Central High School, 2003, Graduated from Denison University, 2007, B.A. in Economics.

Military education: Graduated from OCS August 2008. Graduated from The Basic School April 2009. Graduated from Logistics Office Course July 2009. Graduated from Advisor Training Course February 2010.

Billets/Deployments: Deployed to OEF from March-November 2010 as Logistics Officer/Advisor, Border Mentor Team 2, attached to 3rd Bn, 1st Mar and 1st LAR, XO/Ops-O for Medical Logistics Company, 1st Supply Bn, CLR-15.

Foreign Language: none. Hobbies: Reading, PT, surfing, sports. Personal Decorations: Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal

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Senior Enlisted
MSgt. Arthur C. Singletary

Current Assignment: Combat Logistic Company 11, Executive Officer, Combat Logistic Regiment 15.

Civilian Education: Graduated from D. Russell Lee Automotive Vocational School and Edgewood High School in 1986.

Completed Logistic Management Course through Direct 2 Management (Palomar College) in April 2008.

Currently enrolled in Mt. San Jacinto College, working toward a Bachelor's degree in Hazard Waste Management.

Military education: Graduated Basic Automotive Mechanic in 1987, graduated Vehicle Recovery Course in 1990, completed Maintenance Management Course in 1992, completed Motorcycle Career Course in 1994, and graduated Sergeants' Course in 1995. Graduated 1st Responder Awareness in 1995, graduated Emergency Response Management course in 1995, graduated Hazard Material/Hazard Waste Facility Management in 1995, graduated LVS Maintenance Course in 1996, and graduated Emergency Response Awareness in 1996. Completed Basic Mishap Investigation in 1996.

Graduated Emergency Response Technician in 1996, graduated Hazmat Tech Class in 1996, graduated Hazmat Operations Course in 1996, graduated Hazmat Awareness in 1996, graduated Emergency Response Operator Course in 1996, graduated Staff Noncommissioned Career Course in 1998. Graduated License Examiner Course in 1999, graduated Military Motorcycle Maintenance Course in 2000, graduated Defense Package Hazard Material for Transport Class in 2000, graduated Forklift Operator Course in 2001, Certification Class for Operator of CL4 & LC 3-4 Forklift in 2001, graduated Front Page 2000 Level 1 in 2002, completed War Fighting Skills Program in 2002, completed Amphibious Warfare School Distance Education PGM in 2005, graduated Motor Transport Advance in 2005, graduated the Advance Career Course (2008).

Billet/Deployments: Basic Automotive Mechanic in 1987-1991, Kaneohe Bay Hawaii, BSSG-1; Korea Team Spirit 1989; Desert Shield from Sept. 1, 1990, to Jan. 16, 1991, assignment Vehicle Recovery; Desert Storm from Jan. 17, 1991, to April 12, 1991, assignment Vehicle Recovery; Basic Automotive Mechanic/Wrecker Operator in October 1991to June 1994 at MWSS-272, New River, N.C.; Wrecker Operator/Shop Chief/Hazmat Rep/Safety for 12th Marines Camp Foster, Okinawa, from July 1994 to July 1998; Maintenance Chief/Maintenance Management Officer/Hazmat Rep/Armory Reporting Officer for I-I 4th Force Recon Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, from July 1998 to June 2002; Road Master/Maintenance Chief for 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (G4) at MCAS Miramar from July 2002 to July 2006, I MHG; Maintenance chief from 2006 to December 2008; I MHG Head Quarters First Sergeant from December 2007 to Sept. 27, 2008.

I MHG Head Quarters Company Commander September 2008 to February 2009; I MHG Maintenance Chief February 2009 to March 2010; Currently Combat Logistic Company Executive Officer March 2010.

Personal Decorations: Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal with 3 gold stars, Letter of Appreciate (4), Certificate of Commendation (4), Meritorious Mast (4).

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